415 Area Code Changes & Your Gate Entry System

On February 21, 2015 all phone calls dialed form the 415 area code will require dialing 1 plus 10 digits. Even if you are dialing from a 415 number to another 415 number, you will need to dial 1+415+the phone number (please refer to this article from the PUC for detailed information: http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/PUC/Telco/generalInfo/Area+Codes/415+Area+Code.htm).

We are bringing this to your attention because many of our customers have gate entry systems that dial a tenants phone number. If we, or someone else, have installed a gate entry system that dials a tenants phone number the unit will have to be reprogrammed or else it will not work properly after February 21st.

We anticipate a large volume of calls on and after the 21st since many people will not be aware of this problem until their system stops working. If you want us to reprogram your system please contact us at 415-362-0444 ext 102 as soon as possible for scheduling.

Please note that we will need the following information to perform the reprogramming:

1) Location of system
2) Key or gate code for accessing the system
3) List of each tenant name as it appears on the directory, apartment number, and phone number the system should dial.

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