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Q: Why the name change?

A: REF Corp is simply shorthand for Rodney E Fite Corporation. We have referred to ourselves as REF Corp internally for years and we just decided to make it official. There are no changes in ownership, management, or anything else. We simply changed the name.

Q: Is Rodney still there?

A: Yes, everything is the same except the name.

Q: Is your phone number still the same?

A: Yes, 415-362-0444

Q: Is your contractor’s license still the same?

A: Yes, everything is the same except the name.

Q: Is the address still the same?

A: Seriously, the only thing that changed was the name.

Q: Ok, anything else we should know?

A: REFCorp has gone social! You can follow the links at the bottom right of the page to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also find us (and leave us a review) on Yelp!

Q: So the only thing that changed is the name?

A: You got it!

(We hope this answers any questions you may have, but if you do have other questions, please ask!  We’re available by phone, email, or social media!)


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