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415 Area Code Changes & Your Gate Entry System

On February 21, 2015 all phone calls dialed form the 415 area code will require dialing 1 plus 10 digits. Even if you are dialing from a 415 number to another 415 number, you will need to dial 1+415+the phone number (please refer to this article from the PUC for detailed information:

We are bringing this to your attention because many of our customers have gate entry systems that dial a tenants phone number. If we, or someone else, have installed a gate entry system that dials a tenants phone number the unit will have to be reprogrammed or else it will not work properly after February 21st.

We anticipate a large volume of calls on and after the 21st since many people will not be aware of this problem until their system stops working. If you want us to reprogram your system please contact us at 415-362-0444 ext 102 as soon as possible for scheduling.

Please note that we will need the following information to perform the reprogramming:

1) Location of system
2) Key or gate code for accessing the system
3) List of each tenant name as it appears on the directory, apartment number, and phone number the system should dial.

May is National Electrical Safety Month

How Safe is Your Home?

May is National Electrical Safety Month and REFCorp wants to help your home be as safe as possible!  Throughout this month we’ll be sharing experiences, tips, and various facts to help you achieve electrical safety and peace of mind.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration/FEMA there are roughly 25,900 electrical fires in homes each year!  280 lives have been lost, 1,000+ people have been injured and over $1 billion in damage and loss has occurred due to in home electrical fires.

Today we wanted to share with you a recent discovery.  When out on service calls we routinely inspect wiring for safety, and on a recent service call our technicians discovered these damaged wires in a residential electrical box.  This was not the reason we were called out to the home – but if we hadn’t been out there this problem would have persisted and​could easily have resulted in an electrical fire.

The picture below shows the heat generated by a loose connection was enough to melt the insulation (rated at 194 Degrees Fahrenheit). ​This type of hidden danger is why it is so important to have a licensed and experienced electrician ​do all electrical work in your home. Electricity can be funny stuff. You can connect it in a way that everything works, but is not safe. You may not know until years later if someone did a sub-standard job. REF Corp is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our skilled technicians receive continuing education and are professionals in their trade.



Name Change FAQ


is now



Q: Why the name change?

A: REF Corp is simply shorthand for Rodney E Fite Corporation. We have referred to ourselves as REF Corp internally for years and we just decided to make it official. There are no changes in ownership, management, or anything else. We simply changed the name.

Q: Is Rodney still there?

A: Yes, everything is the same except the name.

Q: Is your phone number still the same?

A: Yes, 415-362-0444

Q: Is your contractor’s license still the same?

A: Yes, everything is the same except the name.

Q: Is the address still the same?

A: Seriously, the only thing that changed was the name.

Q: Ok, anything else we should know?

A: REFCorp has gone social! You can follow the links at the bottom right of the page to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also find us (and leave us a review) on Yelp!

Q: So the only thing that changed is the name?

A: You got it!

(We hope this answers any questions you may have, but if you do have other questions, please ask!  We’re available by phone, email, or social media!)